High Priestess
High Priestess
Leela Cosgrove

Welcome to High Priestess

Join the only dedicated social network for witches and pagans!

About High Priestess

High Priestess is Australia’s largest witchcraft business, and we specifically care for Southern Hemisphere witches and their needs.

Our subscription boxes include items made from incredible Australian makers and creators. With a focus on quality over quantity,  we make sure you have items that not just feel magical when you see them but last for every ritual thereafter.

Created by a witch who is a third generation psychic and light worker, High Priestess is here to bring back Goddess worship to the Southern Hemisphere, and eventually - to the world.

Why You Should Join Me

We created this dedicated social network for witches and pagans, because like many of you we're tired of the major socials and their biases! We wanted to create a safe space where like-minded people can get together and dig into all aspects of the craft. In our social network you can find a free group for Southern Hemisphere practitioners, where you can network and chat with others, and potentially make some new friends! 

We also have a free course on Candle Magick, as a thank you to our members! We'll be adding more free courses on the site over the coming months, so stay tuned!